This is Plaia

Why we exist

Ok, we weren't cut out for a traditional lifestyle. We're obsessed with being outside, connecting with nature, exploring the world, and living a free active lifestyle. Plaia exists for one simple reason: create the most comfortable shirt that keeps you cool and protected for your next adventure.

Plaia is built from nature. After months of research, design, and testing, we developed a custom bamboo blend to build the perfect shirt. Bamboo is a self-replenishing grass that grows up to 3 feet per day, it's 3 degrees cooler than cotton, and 3x more moisture absorbent. It's also naturally resistant to odors and protective to UV rays (UPF 50+).

Each Plaia shirt gives you a smooth and silky feeling, protecting your skin against the sun, while regulating your body temperature to keep you fresh all day.

We design for adventure seekers. Those who'd rather be outside.